About us

About us

About us

What is Groupauto?

Grupauto International is one of the most important purchase groups – ITGs – in the world whose objective is to forge and strengthen bonds between auto parts manufacturers and auto parts distributors (Group Members).


In South America, Groupauto Latam Austral is a regional block made up of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Perú, which, by belonging to the same organization, intends to gain in scale in order to invest in growth programmes that add an outstanding value to both present and future suppliers.

Boosting the Aftermarket

Generating added value throughout the network chain


Our members get commercialization priority, access to new distributors, brand positioning and access to new regions.


Belonging to the group means being part of the global network, having direct contact with strategic suppliers, ensuring professional practices, and getting bonuses.


Members receive customer service training, they have access to a wide range of brands with permanent stock, get logistics excellence, and receive special discounts. In addition to all this, they have access to the E-Parts Network.


We offer constant member training, updated technical information, a standardized global image and personalized marketing strategies. We ensure member’s commercial loyalty.


Belonging to the group makes a statement of trust, quality, competitive prices, maintenance and repair unrivalled experience, and much more.

Our philosophy

One group, one direction: GROUPAUTO INTERNATIONAL.

We bring together independent distributors of national Groups that share local strategies.

We promote the use of OE and equal quality spare parts.

We respect our members’ freedom and independence to act.

We develop a sense of loyalty from members to referenced suppliers.

We take into account the diversity of our members.

We accept Regional Autonomy.

We maintain our members’ independence by taking into account their diversity, promote the use of OE or equal quality spare parts, develop a sense of loyalty towards referenced suppliers and respect the freedom and independence of each member.

Our objectives

To bring closer and regroup

Automotive Aftermarket Industry and distribution companies and service networks.

To select

manufacturers of OE original parts and encourage affiliated companies to work together with us by incorporating their lines of products.

To run

distribution and service providers’ networks through Eurotaller and Top Truck programmes.

To give support

to the activities that are necessary to strengthen and defend the independent Aftermarket.

To promote

a partnership with suppliers, chosen after a thorough and careful selection process to ensure high quality and unique commercial conditions.

All the above mentioned objectives are achieved through the development of the garages networks, Eurotaller and Top Truck, which provide an excellent logistic service together with training programmes, updated information, brand image and marketing support.