Eurotaller is one of the largest networks of independent automotive repair and maintenance service workshops in the world.

Their professionals receive permanent training courses and have access to the most updated information. This allows them to provide an outstanding service and enhance the experience of their customers.

Their four pillars help to improve the potential of their garages and provide the necessary tools to maintain the high standards of quality that the network offers worldwide.


Members receive technical information about the latest trends.


We offer constant training programmes.


We take actions to generate online traffic to the website.


We offer a modern and unified corporate image

Top Truck


Top Truck is the largest network of independent automotive repair workshops in the world for trucks, trailers, and buses. Their goal is to provide commercial vehicle owners, whether individuals or fleet managers, with a high-quality proposition for the repair and servicing of heavy-duty vehicles, serving as a viable alternative to the services offered by dealerships

It is not only the largest multi-brand network of specialized workshops for heavy vehicles but also the most comprehensive in terms of the quantity and quality of its services.

Although Top Truck workshops are independently owned and operated, all our workshops undergo regular audits and participate in a variety of training courses to ensure they are ready to provide the service our customers need at the level they expect.

Por formación técnica y comercial, por asistencia técnica y por el desarrollo de nuestras plataformas digitales, el taller TOP TRUCK es el más preparado para afrontar los desafíos en el competitivo mercado de la posventa en camiones y buses, y cuenta con el soporte del mayor grupo de distribución de piezas a de repuesto con calidad original a nivel mundial, GROUPAUTO.

All of this ensures that you can trust Top Truck for highly skilled craftsmanship and original quality parts.

E - Parts

Retail Network

A business model that offers all mobility solutions quickly and in one place.
The possibility to join as an Approved Supplier or become a Master Franchisee (according to the country of origin) in the first Accessories and Auto Parts Franchise in the region


We propose a strategic and tailored design for each point of sale, segmenting displays by categories, with clear and easily understandable signage.


We conduct a potential demand analysis to suggest an efficient initial stock, proposing a strategic supply model based on business profile and region, and ensuring automatic replenishment.


Ongoing consultancy and training provided by specialized professionals from the market's leading brands.

Tools and Management

An (ERP) system that facilitates business management and administration

Marketing and Advertising

Generation of thematic actions seeking traffic generation and incremental sales.

Direct Benefit

We ensure agreements with suppliers, competitive prices, and a wide range of profitability.